We are putting
the Human back
in Human Resources

Professional Management Solutions goal is to develop loyal partnerships with employers in search of long term valuable additions to their company while educating dependable individuals to fulfill those positions creating retention for the employer and stable employment for the employee.

Our Mission is to foster a network that aligns our clients with skilled talent.

Our vision is to empower communities through MS by providing sustainable employment opportunities.

Our solutions address the importance of understanding that both the employee and the employer are real people and each component of our business is centered around that relationship- which is essentially the core of what human resource is.

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Why Professional Management Solutions?

Professional Management Solutions is a new company with a fresh and innovative approach to staffing and employment services. Our staff has over 25 years of HR experience and has mastered the skill of acquiring highly qualified candidates.

Furthermore, we provide consulting services, full recruitment, screening processing, payroll, onboarding, employee survey for your temporary, temp to perm, and full-time employee needs.

Our comprehensive human resource consultation services is what differentiates from our competitors. We’ve walked in the shoes of employees from all industries and we know what it takes to recruit valuable candidates.

Hire Innovative Talent

You want a good balance between value and cost. Utilizing a staffing agency with the cheapest price may seem cost-effective, however, it’s important to make an informed decision based on value and not just on cost.

What do we provide?


Minimization of Employer Cost

Hard working employees desire benefits; and catering to the needs of our job-seekers and employers is our highest priority. Therefore we provide benefits to our staff and overtime at no cost to the employer.


Industry Expertise

First, we want to understand your company culture, establish the candidates specific requirements, desired qualities, and discuss a strategy for filling your need.

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