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  • We are prioritizing our client’s needs by providing the highest quality of service. We fulfill their needs in an efficient and professional manner.
  • We provide excellent customer service held at the highest standards.
  • We are collaborating and working hand in hand with clients and staff to ensure quality and superior performance.
  • We are leading the industry by example focusing on core values and celebrating excellence Compassion- Making a difference in the lives and clients as well as the community through outreach work.

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  • Human Resource 

  • Accounting/Finance Clerical

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  • Helpdesk Support

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  • Administrative 

  • Call Center 

  • Customer Service 

  • Health Care 

  • Hospitality

  • Education


Local Government provides vital services to the public, with its employees as the most important resource. Professional Management Solutions’ consulting service local government, other public agencies and related civic organizations in areas of human resources and general management. Professional Management Solutions offers a wide range of high quality professional services to meet the personnel needs of your organization and to strengthen management capacity

We provide specialized and custom technical assistance and advisory services to cities and towns in current, emerging, and changing issues in human resources and municipal operations. As your strategic partner, we deliver the consulting services, analyses and tools needed to help develop the personnel plans, guidelines, policies, processes; and management

Need services or training for your organization?

The Professional Management
Solutions Experience


Industry Expertise

First, we want to understand your company’s culture, establish the candidates’ specific requirements, desired qualities, and discuss a strategy for filling your need.


Minimizing Employer Costs

Hard working employees desire benefits; and catering to the needs of our job-seekers and employers is our highest priority. Therefore we provide benefits to our staff and overtime at no cost to the employer.


We Learn, Then Train

Our professional and trustworthy reputation allows employers to confidently provide us access to learning their business and corporate culture that we may assist in matters of orientation and training; ultimately saving them time and money.


Flexible Staffing Options

We can provide employees in a wide variety of disciplines to meet all of the needs of your organization. We staff temporary employees on an as-needed basis, coverage needed due to employee vacations or an employee on a leave.


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Training & Development to today’s employees is as important as money.

Attract, Engage and Retain Your Top Talent.

Training & Development has a major impact on an individual’s choice to join, stay or leave your company. Employees today want opportunities for skill development and career growth, and to be a part of a company that offers a continuous learning culture. In order to attract and retain great people, you need to provide Training & Development opportunities to demonstrate your company’s investment in employees. Professional Management Solutions’ Training & Development Programs offer a convenient and cost-effective option, providing a series of workshops that address a range of management, leadership, and HR skills.

We offer video as well as live training to address topics that are essential to effective people and team management and provides an ongoing learning opportunity for employees developing into managerial roles or wanting a refresher on HR best practices. Demonstrating a commitment to employee growth with a small investment in Training & Development results in a large return in your ability to attract, engage and retain employees who are developing their skills, while promoting your organization as an employer of choice of prospective professionals.